About Me

I am Gabriel Machuret. One of the world leading App Store Optimization experts.

Author of the first App store optimization book available in Amazon, [ASO Ninja] and daily blogger of on of the top app store optimization blogs and one top App Store Optimization podcast

In the last year, I helped over 200 app development companies to optimize their apps and understand how the App store algorithm work.

My approach is to make App store optimization training as friendly as possible and to offer a proactive way to understand easy and practical techniques you, as a developer can implement today.

As an App store optimization consultant I have worked and trained developers in how to use some of the best App store optimization tools and strategies.

  • App Store Optimization Trainer
  • Internet Entrepreneur
  • SEO Expert

Some of my highlights

My Favorite Projects
Using a straightforward, jargon-free approach, my objective is to make SEO, ASO and internet marketing more approachable. My goal is to empower business owners to be the masters of their own ranking.

  • How to Make Money with Apps
  • App Store Optimization Using App Annie
  • Building Your App Marketing and Development Team


During the last few year I have immerse myself in the App store Optimization world… and I love it.

ASO is one of the most challenging and exciting industries out there.
To start with we face different rules and conditions for different app stores, like iOS, Android (Google Play), Nokia, Amazon, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

I have written the first App store optimization book published in the world (yep! I'm kind of huge … 😉
and you can find my weekly rambles at my App store optimization podcast at http://www.asopodcast.com

In March I launch the world first ever app store optimization course in Udemy, becoming one of the most popular courses in the first week, and achieving best selling Udemy trainer.

Overall, love what I do and I can't wait to help more developers to achieve their ranking and traffic.

Work Process

I have worked as an SEO consultant for over 5 years, helping over 200 clients each year via coaching, link building, social media and ranking strategies.

I have worked in App Store Optimization for over 1 year becoming one of the world leading experts in ASO, App store keyword research and app store competition analysis.

I don't follow the typical “SEO guru" pattern. I believe in affordable SEO solutions and I believe that the most powerful tool business owners have towards improving their own ranking is: knowledge.